It is a scientifically proven fact that 75% of toddler’s brain develops before the age of 3 years. Toddlers explore the world with their five senses. Thus our toddler program is designed as a holistic & child centric program. Different types of play foster different types of development in children – physical, linguistic, cognitive, emotional & social.

Our engaging surroundings help toddlers to learn about his/her expanding world. The child is encouraged to expand the horizons of its world in the assuring presence and watchful eyes of our experts.

Our programme delivery strikes a good balance between structured and unstructured time to develop children’s love for learning and exploration. Besides the unique experience offered, the children will enjoy daily storytelling, songs and rhythms.

And yes, you can watch all this happening, with your own eyes, with our unique LIVE CCTV FEED feature.

The Details

Games and activities: Various games like arranging blocks, jigsaw puzzles, stacking rings, sorting shapes, clay modeling are selected. These types of games help to develop the motor and coordination skills of the toddlers.

Music and Movement: Singing, dancing & recitation helps children to express themselves and also to interact with other children. It brings up the confidence level of the child.

Art:  Coloring and painting allows toddlers to paint their imagination. This gives them the freedom of expression. Activities like tear & paste, block painting, hand painting etc develop creative skills along with refining their fine motor skills.

Outdoor Play: Sandpit, water play, watering the plants constitutes outdoor play. Children can let out their energy and enjoy the company of Mother Nature.

Age Group
18 months+


Our toddler teachers are extremely friendly and affectionate in nature. They are well qualified in the field of early child care & education.

Daily Journal

A daily individual journal is also maintained detailing toddler’s everyday routine, which becomes a communication vehicle between parents and staff.

Toddler Room

Our toddler area is set to enable them to explore the sights, sounds and textures around them using their all five senses.


You can watch your toddler growing and learning with us with our unique LIVE telecast feature.


Our toddler meal plan is prepared keeping in mind the nutritious needs of the growing toddlers. It has the right mix of grains, pulses, milk and fruits.


We provide safe pick up and drop service for our toddlers, within 5 km of radius.

What The Parents Say