It’s been nearly two years since Adaa joined The Smiling stars. I still remember my anxiousness when we moved to our own place in Noida. More than the joy of new home I was worked up thinking of Adaa’s settling down from personal (I had a full time help in Delhi) care to Day care system.

The best part of TSS team however has been  and the way they made me feel comfortable and took care of small and big things in the journey. That has instilled in me the faith and reliability that my girl is taken care off.

The helps / maids are neat and tidy, talk politely and also explain in detail anything specific the child has done during the day.

Food wise, the meal charts are not typically commercial kind. Different and nutritious items are prepared and they keep changing it seasonally. If you want a specific food to be given that request is accommodated.

Creative learning and activities are undertaken to keep children busy. The teachers and supervisor are cordial and approachable.

If you are wanting a feeling of ‘home away from home’ for your child then “the smiling stars” is closer to it !!!

Best wishes