“We cannot express in words how thankful we are to each and every staff of smiling stars for the wonderful care they have taken of my son. We enrolled at smiling stars last year when our little ‘Bunny’ was barely six months old. We had this guilt for leaving such a young baby in unknown pair of hands for around 4 hours of the day and we were skeptic about our move but now we can proudly say that those were very safe pair of hands and it was a very good decision to go with The Smiling Stars. We are grateful for the love, care and guidance our son has received from the complete family of The Smiling Stars and I could not have asked any more. As parents, we bestow our greatest blessing to all the staff at The Smiling Stars every day. We recommend Smiling Stars to all who ever ask us for a daycare. The place has now become his pseudo home and we will be really sad whenever he leaves there.

Lots of love to the entire The Smiling Stars family. Keep Flying High!!”